~   Tunisian Proverb (via larmoyante)
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So there’s a little flooding happening in my city today. I wanted to see some photos on Twitter and then I found this. Well done mattomic. 
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New York City’s Central Park from Above
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“There is much hatred in the world. People are looked upon as “different” because of their religion, their race, their behavior, their appearance, or… just because. Why?  I would like you to explore these issues, examine your thoughts and feelings and express them in an art form,in music, in theatre, in literature or in poetry.”
- Dr. Paul Drucker, Arts of Respect Sponsor
In a world plagued by prejudice, hatred and conflict, the visual, literary and performing arts provide a way to build bridges between people, to call us out of ourselves and into the imagination of others. The arts invite us to look at the world through different lenses, to hear its different rhythms, and to experience truths we might not otherwise contemplate. The arts have the ability to shake us out of complacency, and move us into constructive engagement with the world around us.”

Pardon the wall of text, but I’m up to something!

This is an excerpt from my campus’ Arts of Respect introduction webpage. It’s an annual arts festival held between the three schools on campus that focuses on the theme of mutual, worldly respect. A multimedia arts competition happens to be the main event, and so I’ve decided to participate.
But if I want to carry this out the way I hope… I’m going to need the support of others!

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Michaella Manning
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